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Friday, October 13, 2006

Movies I always watch if they're on TV, even if I've seen it 100's of times.

Movies I always watch if they're on TV, even if I've seen it 100's of times.

For some reason unknown to me, certain movies if there on TV & I come across them while channel surfing I have to watch & won't change the channel till it's over. It doesn't matter how many times I've watched it or when I watched it last.

What draws me to the movie, to watch it for the hundredth time. It's not like all of a sudden they're going to change the ending. Who knows, but everyone has that movie they've watched a hundred times & will watch it another.

For me the movie is Braveheart, I've seen it over & over again & still enjoy watching each & every time. Another one that I've watched over & over again is Forest Gump, not greatest movie ever made, but it probably has the best soundtrack ever made. It's the only soundtrack to a movie that I've ever bought & probably ever will.


Blogger Matt said...

There are a few movies that always draw my eyes whenever I see them on tv. I think most of them are comedies though, probably because context isn't usually as important to get a laugh as it is to get a tear.

Here are a couple...
-Tommy Boy - maybe the best SNL alumnus movie ever.

-Trading Places - Eddie Murphy and Dan Ackroyd are superbly funny in this one. Maybe even better than Tommy Boy.

There are dozens more, I'm sure, but these two get the nod because they're on tv like every other day. By the way, I like your blog and I'll probably be dropping by now and then.

5:36 AM


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