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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Matador Movie Review

The Matador
A chance meeting between two middle-aged men leads one into a life of crime in this offbeat comedy. Danny, an American businessman whose life has been going through a sour patch after he and his wife, Carolyn, lost their young son. During a business trip to Mexico City, Danny strikes up a conversation in a hotel bar with fellow out-of-towner Julian Noble, and while Julian's loud and brassy manner initially puts Danny off, in time the two become friends, and Julian feels comfortable enough with Danny to tell him what he does for a living. It seems Julian is a hired killer working under the auspices of underworld kingpins Lovell and Mr. Randy, and Julian tries to persuade Danny to help him with his latest assignment. Danny refuses, but a few months later a distraught Julian appears unannounced on Danny's doorstep. It seems Julian has blown his two most recent assignments due to a variety of psychosomatic illnesses, and now Lovell and Mr. Randy want him dead. Julian has also done something to put Danny in his debt, and the previously non-criminal businessman is forced to help his friend stage a hit, with Julian's presence in his home upsetting the precarious balance of Danny and Carolyn's marriage.
Starring: Pierce Bronson, Greg Kinnear, Hope Davis, Dylan Baker, Philip Baker Hall
Rated R: Violence, Adult Humor, Adult Situations, Profanity, Strong Sexual Content
DVD Release: 07/04/2006
Chance Review
Pierce Bronson did anexcellent job, his character made the whole movie. He played an anti-James Bond, his character is a drunk, selfish, immoral, lout. Making a shockingly good, bizarre buddy movie, a set-up is as improbable yet believable as you could want, due to the great chemistry between Brosnan and Kinnear, but the most interesting thing about THE MATADOR is that, yes, it's amoral & disturbing, but because it deals with friendship, death and the possibility of change & growth, it offers much more than your typical black comedy.
RATING: ****


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