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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Johnny Depp in The Libertine Movie Review

The Libertine
A man who lives for pleasure finds his hedonism betrays him in time in this film adaptation of the play by Stephen Jeffreys. The second Earl of Rochester, John Wilmot, was a notorious figure in 17th century Europe; well-respected as a poet and author, Wilmot also earned no small degree of gossip for his freewheeling sex life and appetite for decadence. Wilmot was close friends with Charles II the powerful and Machiavellian ruler of England, and enjoyed a passionate romance with Elizabeth Barry an actress of note. But Wilmot's seemingly charmed life took a turn for the worse when he wrote a satirical play lampooning his friend Charles II; the monarch failed to see the humor, and exiled the author from Britain. Wilmot found little solace in his relationship with Barry, especially after he contracted syphilis and began drinking heavily as the disease tore away at his body and his mind.
Starring: Johnny Depp, John Malkovich, Samantha Morton, & more
Rated R Substance Abuse (Alcohol, Drugs), Adult Situations, Profanity, Adult Humor, Strong Sexual Content, Nudity

DVD Release: 07/04/2006
Chance Review
Even though Johnny Depp delivers a great performance in this film. The movie itself was not worth watching with no action, no adventure and the few sexual escapades were also dull and dreary.What it did have was a lot of long drawn out oratory. The movie moves along at a snails pace.
Rating: **


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